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    Unmatched Performance

    • Wide cabin
    • Outstanding visibility
    • Extremely low sound levels
    • Advanced safety features


    Roomy Cabin. Incredible Views.

    • Wide cabin
    • Outstanding visibility
    • Extremely low sound levels
    • Advanced safety features


    Style and Sophistication

    • Impressive power
    • Incredible comfort and style
    • Roomy cabin and luggage area
    • Advanced safety features


    High Style, High Performance

    • Custom Cabin Design
    • Spacious, Luxury Interior
    • Quiet Ride
    • Advanced Safety Features


    Luxury Liner

    • Fast and exceptionally smooth ride
    • Long range capability
    • Spacious cabin and luggage area
    • Advanced safety features
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Airbus, the world’s leading helicopter manufacturer, offers a complete range of the most advanced helicopters produced featuring the latest flight, navigation, environmental and safety technologies.

For more than four decades Airbus has been a leading provider of helicopters in the U.S. market for private, business and civil uses. It is the leading provider of helicopters for some of the most demanding customers worldwide, customers that above all else demand safety and reliability.

Those customers include:

  • Air Medical Transport – Over the last decade 75 percent of all helicopters delivered in the U.S. for emergency medical service (EMS) and air medical transport use have been Airbus aircraft.
  • Law Enforcement – Nearly 60 percent of all law enforcement helicopters sold in the U.S. in the last 10 years have been Airbus aircraft.
  • Tourism – More than 90 percent of all helicopters purchased by air tour providers in the last decade have been Airbus aircraft.
  • Homeland Security – The U.S. Coast Guard operates a fleet of 101 MH-65 Dolphin helicopters for its offshore search and rescue and drug interdiction missions. U.S. Customs and Border Patrol operates a fleet of more than 100 Airbus aircraft.
  • Military – Airbus has delivered more than 280 UH-72A Lakota helicopters to the U.S. Army, National Guard and Navy for domestic transport, medical evacuation, search and rescue, training and homeland security missions.
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