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    Unmatched Performance

    • Wide cabin
    • Outstanding visibility
    • Extremely low sound levels
    • Advanced safety features


    Roomy Cabin. Incredible Views.

    • Wide cabin
    • Outstanding visibility
    • Extremely low sound levels
    • Advanced safety features


    Style and Sophistication

    • Impressive power
    • Incredible comfort and style
    • Roomy cabin and luggage area
    • Advanced safety features


    High Style, High Performance

    • Custom Cabin Design
    • Spacious, Luxury Interior
    • Quiet Ride
    • Advanced Safety Features


    Luxury Liner

    • Fast and exceptionally smooth ride
    • Long range capability
    • Spacious cabin and luggage area
    • Advanced safety features
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Roomy Cabin. Incredible Views.

This single-engine helicopter sets a new standard for comfort.  It combines panoramic visibility, next-generation technology, and great versatility in a stylish package.  The low external sound level ensures the H130 is neighborhood-friendly.

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Unrivaled Passenger Comfort

The H130’s cabin is the largest available in a single-engine helicopter, providing outstanding space and comfort.  Active vibration control and automotive-grade air conditioning ensure a smooth, comfortable ride.  A variety of luxury interior options are available, including the Airbus Helicopters Stylence interior package. 


The H130 has been designed to provide efficient and safe travel, along with low maintenance costs.  State-of-the-art features include a G500H glass cockpit, ergonomic design, composite airframe, and advanced engine monitoring.  A powerful engine and upgraded main transmission give excellent performance, even on hot days and at high altitudes.  Designed with maintainability and reliability in mind, the H130’s robust structure has easy access to airframe and electrical components. 


Enjoy ease of ownership with our comprehensive maintenance and customer care options.

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